Sales Funnel Mastery: Nurture Emails Worksheet and Template


Use this worksheet as an outline before you dive into developing your nurture sequence. After working through this worksheet, you can use the Email Template to help you write your copy (you can use the template for every email). This worksheet and template are sold as part of the Launch Plan Worksheets. However, if you would like to purchase this worksheet and template separately, you can definitely do that.

Note: Once you purchase the worksheet, you’ll have to download it within 5 days and there are 2 download limit attempts.


While your landing page is important for capturing leads, your nurture emails are critical for turning them into paying customers. Take your time with this. Go through the worksheet and dig deep to understand who you are writing these emails to and what you are writing about. Once you’ve done the worksheet, jump into the Nurture Emails template for guidance and examples. You can then use the Email Worksheet to help you structure each of your nurture emails.


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