Sales Funnel Mastery Launch Plan Worksheets


The Launch Plan Worksheets go hand in hand with our book “SALES FUNNEL MASTERY: Your DIY Roadmap to Successfully Launching Your Products and Services with Confidence”.  Planning is the heart and soul of any successful funnel, and these worksheets will be your guiding light.

What’s included:

  1. Preliminary Planning Worksheet
  2. Mapping Out Your Funnel
  3. Your Freebie Worksheet
  4. Landing Page Checklist
  5. Landing Page Copywriting Worksheet
  6. Landing Page Wireframe Templates
  7. Nurture Emails Worksheet
  8. Nurture Emails Template
  9. Tech Stack and Checklist: connecting the steps and stacking your systems


Let’s say you’re planning a road trip from Toronto to New York. Do you just get in a car and drive without any sense of which direction to go in? That’s unlikely, isn’t it? You have to plan your route in advance to know where you’re going. Otherwise, you’ll get lost and you’ll probably never get to your destination. Or maybe you eventually will but it will have cost you a lot of wasted time and money. 

It works the same way with funnels. You have to have a start, an end goal, and a plan to get you there. Without knowing where you’re going or the route you’re going to take, you might be spinning your wheels.  This is where our Launch Plan Worksheets come in. They’re the secret sauce to planning your rock-solid funnel strategy. 

What’s included in the Sales Mastery Launch Plan Worksheets?

Preliminary Planning Worksheet

Planning is an important component of any project. Remember this quote by Benjamin Franklin – “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. In this section, we’ll identify your audience, your goal, and more. 

Mapping Out Your Funnel

In this section, you’ll identify the funnel that you want to create and map it out so that you can visualize the process flow to ensure that you have everything you need for your funnel.

Your Freebie Worksheet

Use this worksheet to come up with your perfect freebie.

Landing Page Checklist

Use this checklist to help you work out the elements that you need for your landing page.

Landing Page Copywriting Worksheet

The copy on your lading page is crucial to the success or lack thereof. Use the worksheet to help you write a converting copy. If copywriting isn’t your jam, I recommend you outsource this. The completed worksheet will help your copywriter understand how to write your content for you.

Landing Page Wireframe Templates

Use this section to help you structure and build your landing page.

Nurture Emails Worksheet

While your landing page is important for capturing leads, your nurture emails are critical for turning them into paying customers. Take your time with this. Go through the worksheet and dig deep to understand who you are writing these emails to and what you are writing about. Once you’ve done the worksheet, jump into the Nurture Emails template for guidance and examples. You can then use the Email Worksheet to help you structure each of your nurture emails.

Nurture Emails Template

You can use the template to help you write your nurture emails. The better your emails are, the more chance you have of converting your audience. Keep in mind that your customers are probably bombarded with emails all day every day. The template and guidance will get you to think of ways to capture your audience’s attention through your emails.

Tech Stack and Checklist: connecting the steps and stacking your systems

This checklist helps you understand what steps are needed to set up a funnel on the back-end and front-end. Keep this checklist handy as you work on setting up your funnel.


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