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Resources for Sales Funnel Marketing

By Astrid Sucipto, Chief Pixie | March 12, 2024
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Having the right resources is an important part of building your funnel. In this blog, I’ve listed all of the recommended resources you can use to help you with your funnel setup. Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for some of the platforms mentioned in this section and may receive a small commission if you sign up through any of my links below (thank you if you do!). Copywriters Your copy is crucial to your conversion rate. It’s imperative that you understand your audience and can emotionally connect with them. You may be a great writer; however, more importantly, can you write copy that converts? There are many different types of writing. You may be able to write for a specific purpose or genre, but you’ll need to be honest with yourself as to whether you are skilled in the art of selling without sounding like you’re selling. Your copy can make or break your funnel. That’s why if copywriting for funnels isn’t your area of expertise, I suggest you outsource the copywriting to an expert. Below is a list of trusted copywriters I have worked with and heartily recommend (in no particular order). 1. Jill Wise – digitalpixie.ca/resources/jillwise Use the…

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