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Making Your Digital Marketing Tech Woes Go Away

Specializing in online programs, we help businesses become virtual by creating a strategy and connecting the required marketing systems and tools. We build, we fix and we maintain your online presence with a sprinkle of pixie dust

Your Online Marketing Partner and Virtual Business Strategist

Your vision is to grow your business. Our mission is to help you get there.

Think of us as the handy people of the digital marketing world and your virtual digital marketing team. We connect and stack online marketing systems and tools for your product or service launches. We help you run your ship. We take care of odds and ends that you don't have time for but are crucial for business growth.

Whether it's a large project or many small ones, our digital pixies will sprinkle some pixie dust to help you get to your goal.

Digital Pixie | Virtual Business Strategist

Every business needs a marketing department and that's why we're here. With Digital Pixie,you can have a virtual marketing department at a FRACTION of the cost it takes to run a full-time marketing team. We specialize in online launches. If you are launching an online course or product, you've come to the right place.

Our Online Marketing Services

At Digital Pixie, we free up your time. We keep your business moving. We help you grow.

Here's how we can work with you:


We provide guidance, advisory and strategic planning to business owners with various needs. Whether you require guidance on specific aspects of your online marketing or you are ready to up level your online marketing game with a plan, we can help.

Implementation and Execution

We help you implement and execute your marketing plan. Whether your have a large project or a small one (or many small ones), you can count on us to be there to support you. We can build, fix and maintain your projects and online presence according to your needs.

Our services include but not limited to:

Complete Sales Funnels

Opt-In and Sales Pages

Email Drip Campaigns

Email Marketing

Online Course Setup and Management

Website development, maintenance and fixes

Software stacking and implementation (out of the box)

Custom work odds and ends

Need Help?

We offer a 1-hour consultation for funnel building advice, advice on platforms and tech stack for your business or funnel.

Online Marketing Platforms We Work With

We are experts at stacking softwares together and we can work with any platform of your choice. If you're not sure which platform is right for you, we can provide guidance and advice to help you choose.

Praise from our happy customers

Christine, Buzz Tour Company

Astrid will make your tech-woes go away!

"As a relatively new entrepreneur, I have found myself needing help and support in areas that are not my expertise. When it came to the tech side of my website, I seriously wanted to cry, that was until I realized I had just the person who could help me!

If you find yourself in a similar position, with a small business, or a big one, I would highly recommend seeking services with Astrid Sucipto. Astrid is a delight to work. She knows her stuff, is very efficient and makes building a website a dream! Astrid will make your tech-woes go away!

Thank you for all you have helped me with, and your honest guidance with many aspects of my website."

Nancy, Unica Insurance

Astrid delivers top quality output consistently

"We hired Astrid to help Unica Insurance deliver a number of initiatives requiring her knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, content creation and communications. She worked on multiple projects including managing our social media channels and internal culture initiatives. She also helped us prepare for the launch of our new Commercial insurance product by developing marketing materials and communications. She created the script and storyboard for our product launch video, and liaised with a third-party vendor to produce it.

Astrid can deliver top quality output consistently. I'm very happy with her work and will not hesitate to use her services again in the future."

Jana, The Period Purse

She took our organization to the next level

"Astrid has been an amazing help to my non profit organization. She has set up and executed an amazing Mailchimp service for our community. Her newsletters are clear, fun, and done on time.

This great work led us to hire her to build our new website. She took our organization to the next level with a hard two months work. She made my dream a reality through her web designs. She was pleasant to work with, and I really appreciate the quick and professional way she always responds to questions and changes.

We're so glad we've found Astrid to help our team look better, thank you!"

Our Clients

We are so grateful to our clients, past and present, for trusting us with their online marketing needs. We are proud to work with so many small to medium businesses and we look forward to having you join our roster of clients.

Meet some of our clients....

Our Story

Digital Pixie was founded by Astrid Sucipto, Chief Pixie. She is also the President and owner of Bloomtools Toronto West, the Toronto division of a digital marketing agency called Bloomtools.

Digital Pixie was born accidentally when Astrid discovered a gap in the marketplace. Through her network of small business owners, she learned that a lot of these entrepreneurs needed help with smaller, online marketing projects. They're not necessarily looking for a new website, SEO or comprehensive marketings plans. Their needs are very specific. These business owners asked Astrid for help with projects and tasks that the typical agency wouldn't necessarily take on.

Because Astrid has a strong desire to help people and businesses succeed, she started saying yes to these specific or smaller odds and ends projects. Soon, she became the go-to and trusted expert on anything related to digital marketing tools and technology. After operating this part of the business under Bloomtools Toronto West for 2 years, she decided to create a new brand separate from her agency. With a sprinkle of pixie dust, Digital Pixie came to life.

Astrid Sucipto | Digital Marketing and Virtual Business Strategist | Digital Pixie

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help as many business owners as possible with their online marketing needs, big or small, so that they can grow their businesses to their full potential.

Our vision is to be the go-to expert for online marketing projects for all small businesses.


At Digital Pixie, we are driven by our values and believe strongly in doing the best for our clients.

Honesty, Integrity, Inspiration, Solidarity, Community

"Astrid has been instrumental in helping me scale my business. She has created beautiful landing pages, email funnels and graphics to help me stand out in a noisy online world. She really understands what it is I am trying to convey with my digital marketing. She is an excellent communicator and always overdelivers and on time. Because of her help, I have been able to focus more on the things that matter most, creating awesome content and serving my clients" -Lianne,

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